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"The chance to test my skills and improve. The way I have learnt new skills and new things through the managers I have worked with. Also meeting some really good people and the responsibility of helping to run this site." - Reus I 21 I
Posted By - Admin
"Meeting new people, getting to play with one another competitively is fun and great. But the best part for me is learning everybody's background and life stories. You get a true sense of comradely as you build a relationship with them" - Monkie
Posted By - Admin
"Learn to play Pro Clubs in a different way than normal, meeting new people and testing my skills out against other top pro club players :) The worst bit was coming on and finding out that there are better CAMs than me :D :D" - iKap x SNIPEZz
Posted By - Admin
"Before I found this site I thought playing 4v4 pro clubs was the extent. After playing 11v11 clubs for over a year i can honestly say I am not interested in much else. The intense competitive nature of this site is great, and along with it comes t
Posted By - Admin